[Important Notice] Changes to Membership Fees

Thank you for your loyal patronage of the Tiny Books library.

Due to postage price increase from 2017-06-01 onwards, we have to raise our membership fees as well, and we seek your understanding for this.

Members who have already renewed their membership for 2017 will only be billed for any additional postages incurred from June-2017 onwards in a single invoice in December 2017. New membership fees will only be effective for these members upon renewal for the 2018 membership.

The new membership fees will be effective for new members and renewals in 2017. As an appreciation, Members paying the new fees will be able to loan one additional book/month for the months up to July. (Happy Member: 6 books/month, Bookworm Member: 11 books/month)

平素よりTiny Booksをご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。



(ハッピープラン : 6冊の本貸出, 愛読家プラン: 11冊の本貸出)

郵便料金改定について / Press release regarding Updates to Postage Prices

会員料金プラン【改定】Updated Membership Plans:


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