Borrowing System 貸出システム

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10.本を返却される際は、すべての本を返却用封筒(返却住所ラベル・切手貼付済み)に入れてくだい。ただし、内容品を郵便局で提示する必要がありますので、本を提示後、封をしてお送りください。 (ご参考:



Borrowing System

1. After payment is received, a welcome mail with the link to the library signup form will be sent to the email address provided during payment.

2. Please fill in your particulars correctly in the form. Email address, Home Address and Phone number are required fields and are necessary for you to borrow books and for delivery of the books.

3. After the form is submitted, a confirmation mail for successful signup will be sent to the member with your membership number and the URL to the online library catalog.

4. Please log in to the library catalog to select the books you would like to receive the next month with same email address you signed up with.

5. Members can request for books by 28th of each month to receive those books in the first week of the next month. If no books are selected by 28th, books will be selected by Tiny Books and sent to member. 

6. This is on a first come first served basis.

7. If all copies of the book are not available, the member will be informed by email and put on waitlist to receive the book for the next month.

8. The member will be asked to select another book for the upcoming month. If no book is selected, we will include a recommended book to replace the unavailable book.

9. All requested books will be checked out and delivered to members by the first week of each month.

10. When you would like to return the books, please place all the books in the return envelope, and bring it to the post office to display the contents before sealing the bag and dropping it off there. The envelope will already have the address labels and postage stamps attached.

11. Please remember to post the package for return by 25th of each month. Late fees will be charged based on the post office’s received date on the package.

12. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance such as natural disaster or personal situation that might disrupt book delivery, members will be informed by email and alternative arrangements will be made separately.