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Tiny Books for Tiny Folksは、神戸市にある児童英語図書館です。6才と0才の子供を持つシンガポール人ママが創設しました。








Who We Are…

Tiny Books for Tiny Folks is a library of English children books based in Kobe, Japan. It is founded by a Singaporean mum with a 6 year old & a 5 month old child.

We want to bring the world of English children books to children in Japan and help parents choose the right books that both parents and children can enjoy together. However, there is a very small range of English children books in Japan’s public libraries so we hope to address this problem with our library.

We will locate and purchase the books from all over the world, so that the children can enjoy the diversity and variety of books from different cultures.

Being a mum of a 3 year old toddler myself, I understand that it is sometimes hard to bring children to the library, or to be able to borrow and return books in person on time. Our online library allows parents to browse through the library catalog online, at your own time, and place reservations on the books you want to borrow online, with the books delivered to your doorstep by the postman every month. Returning books will be done at the post office, and return address labels with packaging will be provided, also the postage will also paid by us.  If you are not sure what books to select, do feel free to request for our recommendation service, and we will provide some selection for you based on your preferences. Other services include a monthly newsletter with book blurbs of new arrivals to our library and an introduction to a few different books and authors each month. 

As the library is privately funded, our library is based on paid membership fees. With a minimal fee to help maintain and improve the library collection, members will be able to enjoy 4 books or more each month, with birthday surprises for the child as well as participate in members-only events in future.

We are working on launching this service right now and are in the midst of preparing the catalog of books. Please feel free to drop us a note anytime at tinybookstinyfolks@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!